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tv   ABC7 News 800AM  ABC  September 1, 2012 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> terry: in the news this saturday morning, the dumbarton bridge is closed. it's going to be closed all weekend long for retrofit. developing news from afghanistan right now we're two suicide bombers attacked a base used by nato troops. at least a dozen people are dead. dozens more are injured. good morning. i'm terry mcsweeney. labor day weekend is here, big three-day weekend for a lot of people. weather is more important than usual perhaps. >> lisa: we've got a west wind at 12 from roof camera. not much of a breeze and low ceiling all wait out towards the delta, winds kicking up to 20 miles an hour. the plan for the rest of the day today will be clearing from the east to the west. it's going to stop right at the san mateo coast.
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we're going to see plenty of clouds at the shoreline. it's going to be another cooler than average afternoon. by noontime, to the 50s around the coast to 60s around concord and livermore. by 4:00, we'll see 50s at the coast. mild numbers inland. 70s mainly around the bay and look for more clouds and fog tonight and warmup begins tomorrow. >> terry: new this morning, in concord where contra costa fire investigators are trying to determine the cause of a fire that burned two homes. it started about 3:00 this morning in 1700 block of margo drive. firefighters had it under control in less than an hour. dumbarton bridge is closed this entire weekend. take a look at the last cars crossing the dumbarton bridge. on weekends about 3,000 vehicles per day. it's shut down for retrofitting and not scheduled to reopen
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until 5:00 tuesday morning. we have video workers on the quiet bridge. they are lifting it five inches to install steel bearings. >> it's two disks that fit together and slide over each other. it gives this bridge about up to four feet of movement in any direction. >> terry: also it includes the bay bridge, san mateo bridge and in the south bay, 101-237-880 loop. >> another traffic alert, fremont street is closed from howard to mission street right where drivers get off the bay bridge. detours are provided around the construction project for the new terminal. fremont street will remain closed until tuesday morning. our exclusive waze app can help you navigate around both closures. find the app in itunes or google play. download it and become an abc
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news traffic spotter. a developing story in central afghanistan where the taliban is claiming responsibility for two suicide bombings at an afghan military base. dozen people are confirmed dead including four afghan police officers. one bomber was on foot followed by a second attacker that detonated a truck bomb. in a separate action. pentagon says u.s. drones fired missiles killing five militants in northwest pakistan. >> an out pouring support for a san jose firefighter that suffered a heart attack on the job. it was a quick thinking of ryan that saved his life. 42-year-old suffered a massive heart attack fighting a fire more from karina rusk. >> reporter: they are a family and today they know they saved the life of one of their own.
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>> he was not breathing at that point. initiated cpr. >> reporter: frank ryan suffered a massive heart attack. he has been with the department for 15 years. captain brian is one of ryan's many friends and works with him. >> we do this every day. that is what we do. when it's one of your own, i don't think you can be prepared for that. >> reporter: not only are they supporting ryan's family, two brothers and sister, but they are getting support themselves from across the bay area. >> i've gotten phone calls from san francisco, oakland, santa clara, agencies that have had very tragic line of duty deaths over the last few years. they are calling us now to say you were there for us. >> reporter: members of st. patrick's cathedral is doing
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their own. it could be months to rebuild the church. vast majority that go there are vietnamese and seeing it is difficult. >> right here, you know, is this vietnam or what? it is really bad. it's awful feeling. >> the rage of emotions, there is gratitude the colleague is alive and hope for his recovery. >> its tragic situation that ended up going down. he is fighter and fighting for his life right now. we just hope he pulls through. >> reporter: firefighters will continue to keep an around the clock vigil hoping for good news. it has been a difficult august. earlier this month the department mourned the loss of a 41-year-old fire captain jose martinez fighting a rare and
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aggressive form of cancer. >> terry: this morning police are hunting for a sexual predator who attacked a woman in san jose. it happened around 7:00 p.m. around south bascom and parkmore avenues. he is described as about 5'7", 35-40 years of age, broad holders, a dark complexion and hair cut in a flat top style. >> san jose hasn't seen any homicide for a week and police chief is taking credit. it had been one of the most violent stretches in san jose's history, eight lives in 11 days. but they transferred officers and authorized overtime making it more than two dozen arrests. the police chief says those efforts are working. the superintendent of the mayor task force says don't assume
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there is less violence because there were no homicides. it could be because a bullet missed by half an inch. >> the owners of an iconic italian restaurant in north beach have served their last meal. caesar's restaurant on powell and bay has served family style seven course meals for the past 56 years. family owned restaurant closed last night with more than 500 diners enjoyed one last meal. the owners say they were forced to close because of the economy. many of the locals have kept the restaurant to keep it going aren't going out to eat as often or. >> i can't afford to pay the guys anymore. >> i come at least once every two weeks. when i don't want to cook, i used to come down.
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they were packed for the past two weeks, selling out for lunch and dinner but it is closing. one family member it's possible they could open another restaurant sometime in the future. >> one of the worst years for west nile virus. mountain view officials say they will conduct aerial spraying. we'll tell you about the warnings. cal fans finally get to see the memorial stadium makeover as the rpep
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>> terry: new this morning, on tuesday night. officials plan to spray parts of mountain view where mosquitoes tested positive for west nile virus. they say some of the adult mosquitoes in the zip code tested positive for the virus. information packets about the fogging are going to be distributed to residents in the treatment area today and one more time that fogging is scheduled to begin late tuesday night. >> also new this morning, a u.s. coastguard cutter is home. we have pictures to show you.
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from the roof cam as the way she went along the embarcadero after 6:30 this morning. arriving back at coastguard island about 40 minutes ago. it follows 161-day, 38,000 deployment in the western pacific and southeast asia where it conducted operations. it's named after the longest serving commandant and there is an example of the expanded guard mission. >> the cal bears take the field at newly renovated stadium. we got an inside look at the extreme makeover that fans can look forward to at the opener. >> reporter: the to your simplify ready and menu is set. 89 years after memorial stadium opened it is reopening with a
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$321 million renovation. >> we're testing the systems, preparing the food and beverage to host 63,000 folks. >> 63,000, that is 9,000 fewer than the old stadium allowed. fans are excited they won't leave the games with splinters in their seats anymore. some of the wooden benches line the walls of the new hall of fame. a stately entrance to the stadium that leaves to what looks like a restaurant but is in fact the field club. it's one of three club levels where donors who pay $40,000 to $225,000 can get the best seating and food. >> i think the cal campus itself is extremely diverse and we want to appeal to that clientele. >> mushroom sandwich and vegans alike so they can feast.
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>> we have contract staff members supplying food and beverage to equal fans all kinds of shapes and sizes. >> the eight floor university club membership, some say it's the best view in the bay. we'll have to wait to see what the fans say. >> terry: you don't have six figures to get yourself into places like upper levels you can watch it for free on tight wad hill. nice day for football. >> some things are the same. marine layer has been with us. this is emeryville. with numbers in the mid 50s but beginning to see sunshine out toward the delta. it will be sunny in most neighborhoods. coolest day of the weekend and warmest is next. >> terry: and nothing is easy in
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the big easy after isaac rolled through. we'll update the recovery effort
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>> terry: 8:17 on a labor day saturday morning, looking out at san jose, largest city in northern california, i was asking lisa argen if she could give me the high temperatures so i could advise you the high temperature.
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she would not divulge the information. she wants to get the instant information. i'm going to guess it's going to be in the 70s and clearing later. final answer from lisa momentarily. >> floodwaters from isaac have receded allowing businesses to reopen just in time for the weekend. louisiana faces a slow recovery from a storm that left 400,000 people without power, lines to buy gas stretched down the street. people having a chance frustration over the misery with flooding and power outages. >> lisa: as you know, isaac spawned 28 tornadoes. >> terry: you think of the tropical storm and flooding and then aspect. >> lisa: that wind shear. they are still looking at flood rains in the nation's midsection but back home, atmosphere, low clouds and fog out there.
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so here is a look from santa cruz. we're looking at cloudy skies here. now yesterday it warmed to 75 degrees. today it is going to be cooler with a high of 69 and sun in the afternoon. roof camera, it doesn't look too bad out there but the marine layer taking some time to scour out. we'll see mostly sunny conditions across the bay except for partly cloudy conditions along the san mateo coast and our beaches should stay cloudy even some mist and drizzle this morning. here is a look at live doppler 7-hd. you will notice out to the dry valley, concord and livermore, clouds and sunny out by fairfield. we'll be looking at that breeze throughout much of the afternoon. delta breeze that is cooling off sacramento and part of the east bay. low 50s to the north with mid-50s around san francisco and oakland. still delays at sfo with upper 50s from mountain view to san jose. cloudy skies with a little bit
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of drizzle, temperatures once again as much as 10 degrees below the average. much warmer tomorrow and for labor day, the warmest day out of the three. here is a look at our temperature profile. well into the sacramento valley to get the mid 80s. 80 around brentwood. plenty of 70s around the bay and temperatures in the low 60s for san francisco. lots going on this weekend. due to this area of low pressure to the north and west of us, cooler than average weather. it has allowed for marine layer to ramp up and that slower clearing but it is going to slide to the east vp us. high pressure is going to build in quickly from the south. wind shift from northerly winds and slighted offshore push for labor day. 88 in yosemite with mid-80s in sacramento. 69 in big sur.
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look for temperatures in the santa clara valley in the mid-70s. 72 in milpitas and around the peninsula, 67 at the art and wine festival today with partly cloudy skies. lots of clouds expected today. weather should be pretty nice. it goes on for today and tomorrow. 53 downtown with partly cloudy skies. in the north bay, sausalito art festival right through labor day mid 60s. 73 in sonoma. east bay, mid-60s for oakland, down by union city warming up to the lower 70s. heading inland, mild numbers. 77 in pleasanton. 80 in antioch. monterey bay, towards the latter afternoon until we clear on out. 77 in gilroy. here the look ahead. built warmup tomorrow. offshore flow on monday. we cool off wednesday and thursday, it looks like next weekend we'll stay on the warm
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side. >> terry: i was right about san jose, 70s and clear. i learn from her. petaluma will honor the little league heroes with a parade at 1:00 at fourth and "d" streets. look for the individual players you saw the last few weeks, riding in classic cars. there will be speeches and presentation and free hotdogs courtesy of national little league sponsors. they had a great run, coming in third place in the world. dream continued for those heroes at oakland coliseum as they met with a's players. they made a grand entrance running on to the field before the game. >> going to go out and shine balls with the oakland a's.
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are you ready for it? >> yeah. >> terry: with the a's enjoyed a first class view against the red sox with a luxury suite from jonny gomes who is petaluma native. >> last night stanford played against san jose state and it was so close. larry beil has the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning. stanford begin life after luck, then didn't have andrew, they needed a little grit to survive against san jose state. the new quarterback, putting the pads on since the legacy game. first completion. this is nine yards, david shaw the coach, handing ball off to taylor. that is good idea. 38-yard run by taylor. 81 yards. fourth down and taylor up and
8:24 am
over. 7-0 cardinals. nunez, first throwing touchdown. pump fake, nice pass to drew tyrell, 14-0 stanford. he is wide open. he would have gone in. typical spartan fan. in disbelief. they got a field goal. 17-3. bales is heating up. that catch for 21 yards. then they bring in the running quarterback on a 3-yard run. next spartan possession. 82 yards and on a 21 bullet to tie it up at 17. field goal put them up 21-17. he drops it. no. nunez only four completions in the second half. chance to winning fourth and 10, picked off.
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it fails. the throw is snared by ed reynolds and that seals it as stanford squeaks by in the season opener. >> a's hosted boston and petaluma welcoming the petaluma little leaguers. the a's bludgeoned boston. with 13-year-old bradley smith who is 6'3". one to jonny gomes 2-0 a's. brandon moss he is back and he annihilates this ball. 8-1 a's. former red sox george quataras, two homers, 9-1 a's. no mercy in the majors, boston needed it. josh reddick, grand slam in the 7th. a's romp, 20-2.
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>> annika sorenstam took some shots. here is shot from two batters later. this one is hung up in the ivy out there. the ball is in there. and he was on first and headed for home buster pose i si with tag. that allowed a score. ruled a double and error on posey. 5-0 cubs. carlos strikes one out to end it giants fall 6-4. >> that is wrap on morning sports. be sure to be with us for the kickoff of college football on prime time. it's alabama and michigan at 5:00 p.m. first edition of lexus after the game at 8:30. hope to see you have then. have a great weekend. >> in the presidential race, all eyes turn to north carolina and
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the democratic national convention. it opens on tuesday. two of california's leading democrats aren't going. find out what they will be missing out on when we get a preview from charlotte next. and an effort to tax on sugar drinks in richmond.
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>> terry: topping the news, opponents of the ballot measure are attracting very big money. richmond voters will decide whether the first city in the nation to tax soda and sugary drinks. here is john alston with the details. >> reporter: there are the direct mail advertisements urging them to vote no on the tax. billboards have popped up arguing the tax would be bad for businesses, like this small grocery store run by alex. >> if they raise the tax, a lot of customers are not going to buy them anymore. >> commercial was shot here and another is scheduled at a movie theater. it's the work of a community coalition against beverage taxes that is getting major funding from american beverage association. they have spent $350,000 to stop
8:31 am
the measure. they are had a happy for the help. >> if you are trying to protect your community, do you turn down anybody that wants to help you? >> if approved the cost of soda and other drinks would rise by one penny per ounce. the brainchild of a cord control gist. he says it leads to serious problems. his side has been out spent by more than 15 to one. >> i think.... >> it would raise $3 million for childhood fitness programs if i can overcome the intensive ad campaign. >> it doesn't take long to sway people from an intensive ad campaign. >> this weekend the councilman is in philadelphia where she scheduled to meet with the mayor there getting advice how to pass a soda tax, something that
8:32 am
philadelphia has failed to do twice. >> terry: iphones are increasingly popular among thieves. they are using violent means to to steal them. vic lee talks with one woman who described the assault she had in san francisco over an iphone. >> it happened at kelly's tavern last friday shortly after midnight. heather sweeney was celebrating her birthday with about dozen or more friends. it was packed with people dancing to a dj. >> we had it out on the dance floor. we were all kinds of hanging out in this area. >> she went to check on their coats when they left in in an alcove. >> i felt a large arm go around my rib cage. >> a man pulled her arm back while female accomplices grabbed her julie. >> they were trying to get my engagement ring off.
8:33 am
i made a fist. that was knew something really bad was happening. then they tried to rip my earrings out of my ear. then they took my phone out of my back pocket. hit me in the face. fist punch in the face. >> it black ends her eye and fell to the ground dazed. it happened fast. music was blaring and people were dancing. even though there were security guards, no one saw what happened. >> we came out here. >> after police were called. she borrowed a friend and tracked her stolen phone using an app. >> we saw the phone on the map was already on lombard street. >> they ran down lombard and on to steiner street. >> we ran two blocks. they were obviously in a vehicle. >> they picked up the chase by police.
8:34 am
they took the simm card out. >> then we lost the signal. >> from here, distributors sell them out of state or mexico or asia. this is where police have stepped up reverse sting operation. >> they have the phone. they have to sell the phone to somebody. that is what we're going after. the guy that is buying the phones. >> reporter: to give you an idea how serious the robberies have become, in the last 24 hours here in san francisco, there were 7 iphones and two laptops stolen one from a man that was sitting on a porta-potty. officers that patrol that area call it the new apple store or apple rack because it's most popular underground market where they are sold. >> the california legislature presented governor brown with a gift on last day of the session. a historic pension reform bill. it raises the retirement age of
8:35 am
state employees, cuts benefits for new hires and forces current employees towards benefits they already have. it could save the state $55 billion over the next 30 years. >> a battle of words over chris christie and governor brown. chris christie called brown an old refred they can't believe voters chose him. >> i run three miles in 29 minutes two nights ago. i hereby challenge governor christie to a race and pushup contest. >> this is the picture of the governor from last year with the pushups. no response from governor christie. >> let's take a couple live pictures to let you know what is going on as far as the presidential race is concerned.
8:36 am
there is republican presidential nominee mitt romney. he is in cincinnati right now. that is stop number one. he is going to be leaving they're going to jacksonville later. he will be meeting up with his vice presidential pick, paul ryan. president doing his share over to charlotte with the democratic national combination. the president flying to iowa and then he is going to hit three other states as well as the gulf coast as he heads to the convention. karen travers looks ahead. >> president obama has less than 70 days to convince voters to stay the course. >> that is why i'm running for president. >> democrats have to make it a choice between president obama's plan for economic recovery and that of republicans, a referendum on the president's record. >> president obama has been
8:37 am
forward he will take the country forward. he has to show how he is going to do that. >> reporter: with the struggling economy hasn't been easy. polls show that americans have grown frustrated with the president's handling of the economy. that is making this very tight race. >> we know we have a lot of work to do to get to where we need to be. but we are going to get there. >> reporter: next week it will be up to democrats to tout the obama presidency. >> he called oakland, i call his plan, romney doesn't care. >> reporter: united base, and his plan for america's future. >> paul ryan asked the question, without new leadership why should the next four years be any different from the last four years? barack obama has to answer that question. >> reporter: democrats will be rolling out heavyweights including bill clinton and president obama's so-called
8:38 am
closer. >> we have come so far but we have so much more work to do. >> so far president obama's strong ratings is keeping him afloat. he needs to convince americans that hope and changing still be met but they need to give in him another four years. >> terry: mark matthews is going to be live from the national convention in charlotte. get instant updates from mark by following him on our facebook page at matthews at abc7. >> health advisories you need to know about. bay area students come down with chickenpox. and some 10,000 people that stayed at yosemite they may have been exposed to the deadly hanta virus. live look from abc7 studios. looking at the flag waving down along the embarcadero with the
8:39 am
bay bridge behind it. two things i can tell you. a little bit of wind and not much traffic. lisa argen will expand on one
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>> terry: on this saturday, first day of the labor day three-day weekend. looking down from mount tamalpais. gorgeous shot for you.
8:42 am
you can go to the top of mount tamalpais. much of the bay area having trouble getting through the clouds. lisa argen will be along shortly at some point for most of us, it may very well happen. >> health concerns at san francisco state. a second student has been diagnosed with chickenpox. school officials anticipate more cases. a letter went out to students and faculty that it can take three days to three weeks before those sores begin to show up. officials at yosemite national park are saying that as many as 10,000 people could be exposed to the hantavirus. there have been two deaths and now unprecedented numbers of cancellations as news of the disease spreads. here is more. >> reporter: no shortage of tourists in curry village, in fact there is hardly any parking. even though the signature cabins deemed a favorite place to stay are closed for an undetermined
8:43 am
amount of time. he stayed in the same cabins back in july during the time period when officials first noticed the problem. >> i stayed in the 900 block in the cabins h a wonderful time with the family, everybody is healthy. >> in fact she loved it so much she is back again with her friend. she is not giving the hantavirus a second thought. >> we're taking a few precautions, maybe not putting the backpacks on the floor. >> reporter: they say some 400 cabins are opened are designed differently than the signature ones. they don't have the double insulated walls which are being blamed for the mice infestation. it's spread through deermice droppings. >> the mice are getting into the cabins. we've taken out the insulation
8:44 am
and replaced boards where the mice are getting inside. >> they also say it's rare to contract the virus which is exactly how joan feels. >> i guess i'm looking at things and still enjoying beautiful nature here. they are receiving more than thousand calls a day from people that are frightened about this, growing outbreak. did it affect me and only that camp. questions go on. i heard them talking about people very concerned, most of them he says nothing to fear. we'll see. >> lisa: we've got usual low clouds and fog. that will be changing. here is emeryville with plenty of clouds. numbers in the mid 50s. low on 60s to the north bay. upper 50s to the south. we'll talk about our warmup which includes temperatures well above normal. >> terry: plus, one of the
8:45 am
eldest art festivals kicks off. this
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hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios >> terry: saturday morning, we're looking at a live picture, surf city, santa cruz, you can see at least eight people, nine coming from the left-hand side of the screen, ten, we could be here all morning if i keep counting. a lot of people already going to
8:48 am
be there. upper 60s lisa argen said. we'll get to her in just a moment. >> a new speed sailing record so the san francisco bay. hydrodcnf, reached 41 miles an hour during a run yesterday. this is off of pier 39. that is sailing record but can go much faster than that. it's been clocked at 58 miles per hour. a sailboat making it the world's fastest. remember that song, christopher cross, sailing takes me away. like coasting along. now it's motor boat. what is going on weather-wise? >> lisa: we're going to see some sunshine but not soon enough to warm us up. low clouds and fog making an
8:49 am
impact on the forecast today. roof camera, pretty gray. airport delays over an hour. if you are headed to the beach today. not only cool, high surf advisory around monterey and southern california but it will feel much more like beach weather as soon as tomorrow. labor day into tuesday, yeah, summertime is coming back. live doppler 7-hd. plenty of low clouds and fog not lasting too much lodge they are east bay communities. sunshine in fairfield beginning to pull away from the tri-valley take a look. we will be looking at temperatures on the comfortable side, certainly not warm for this last weekend, we're already in september. first weekend of the new month. not the last gasp of summer. 57 in san carlos.
8:50 am
56 in oakland. we have some yias of drizzle along the shoreline. partly cloudy with below normal temperatures today from the san mateo coast. to marin county and east bay. more sunshine but still cool and much warmer weather as high pressure comes in tomorrow and takes hotel on labor day and tuesday. temperature profile featuring just a few 80s today. we -- we do have the west wind up to 20 miles an hour through the delta. 80 degree temperature it will be a little breezy. more likely 60s and 70s with a few stubborn 50s at the coastline. low pressure continues to spin to the west of us. as it does it has allowed for the generous marine layer and breezy winds. as the system continues to trek eastward, we get on the backside of it we'll see high pressure ridge nose on in. we'll see the favorable wind
8:51 am
flow for offshore component and big warmup. 69 with some clouds along the coast for the morning hours. then we'll see numbers in the upper 80s. it has been a warm month in the reno area with cool back home around 70 for the city. only 63 today. up in sausalito, 65. down in millbrae, 67 with a little bit of sunshine. both art and wine festivals getting under way with a cool afternoon. a lot of folks visiting both. 75 in san jose. sunshine will happen later on today. then 77 in gilroy. as much as ten degrees warmer tomorrow and then the warming keeps on coming for labor day, staying with us tuesday. a little bit of dip coming wednesday and thursday and friday. doesn't look like we're going
8:52 am
below normal by the end of next week. >> terry: the 60th edition of sausalito art festival is this weekend kicking off last night with a soldout gala. some controversy this year. don sanchez has a preview. >> it's such a prestigious festival. >> it's what attracted ann dickinson to the job. artists want to get in here. showing off their work in 14 categories. he has been exhibiting for 45 years. >> it has very focused art audience not only for paintings for bu for all the arts. >> the workss are judged by peers. >> we started asking them to tell them the person they felt in their category represented that category better than anyone else and give us the name. >> this is most viewed artwork the show's poster. >> this being the 60th annual, i wanted to incorprate things like
8:53 am
that. >> she carved the print and colored it with water colors. there are student works from the san francisco mechanical gardens. the artists do well and sausalito benefits with visitors and proceeds. >> all the money goes back to the local community. all the proceeds from this festival goes back to grants and scholarships. it's a great economic account that way. >> there is san exhibit of the american icons depicting the golden gate bridge. one that created controversy, because warning it shows a person jumping off the bridge. >> the piece was a piece was sensitive to some people. >> the boarded aed this disclaimer. it is still in the show. >> it's very powerful. i have to tell you, it makes you think for secretary of defense. but that is what art does.
8:54 am
>> terry: necessity won the lottery but didn't show up to claim their millions. how a bay area winner almost miss
8:55 am
8:56 am
>> terry: newest lottery millionaires says a relative watches more tv than they do. she hit $52 million jackpot in july and finally picked up their prize but didn't even know they
8:57 am
had won until the lottery posted a picture. it was a relative who saw him on tv and called him with the news. >> i saw my picture, wake up my wife. she goes, whoa! we are wanted. >> terry: he was recently laid off and his family has been living with friends. she insists she is going to work as a hospital nursing assistant. >> where have you been? >> and 60s and 70s and we'll look for mega heated to head our way for the holidays. >> terry: i like it. thanks for joining us. next newscast is at 4:00.
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